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Grief & Bereavement Support

Bereavement Program

Holding Hands

The bereavement coordinator provides bereavement support to grieving families & loved ones for 13 months following a patient's death. Emotional support and guidance will be given during this difficult time. Services also include: community referrals, connection with grief support services, ongoing supportive mailings, and supportive phone calls & visits. 

"Grief is not a disorder, a disease, or a sign of weakness. It is an emotional, physical, and spiritual necessity, the price you pay for love. The only cure for grief is to grieve." ~Earl Grollmann

Adult Grief Support Groups

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The bereavement coordinator facilitates & manages the grief support groups offered to all bereaved families, loved ones, & the community. Anyone suffering from loss is welcomed to attend these groups, free of charge. 

GOAL: To assist individuals with their grief & to offer support in time of need. These groups have been organized to provide a place where people can talk about their feelings & how their loss affects them. Participants will learn what to expect from their grief process and ways to cope & heal. 

Educational and supportive videos are often shared on NHHC's Facebook & event page for those interested in additional guidance and support. Follow us on Facebook at:

Public Facebook Grief Group Announcement Page


Join our private facebook grief support group:

Hands Up

"Grief is like a journey through the unknown mountains, being tossed into the sea; just as no two snowflakes or fingerprints are the same, neither do two people grieve the same".


Therapy Session

Current Support Groups Schedules 

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RSVP is encouraged due to possible cancellations & to best meet everyone's needs & availability. 

*When the Washington, MO School District is closed due to snow/hazardous conditions our grief support group is cancelled that day also, to support the safety of our group members. Group cancellations can be followed on our facebook page: 

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Community Grief Support Emailing List

NHHC provides community members with regular supportive emails in their time of grief.

Anyone can be added to this list at anytime, free of charge by subscribing to our emailing list. 


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Annual Memorial Services

New Haven Hospice Care provides annual memorial services to the bereaved friends/families & local community for a chance to honor their beloved, meet others whom are grieving, and gain support & hope. This is a community event. Anyone wanting to honor a loved one can attend these services and those being honored do not have to have been patients of New Haven Hospice Care. NHHC is dedicated to provide not only support to patients & their loved ones, but also the local community. 

Church Candles

Annual Services: to be rescheduled due to COVID-19 safety precautions

  • Spring Remembrance Service, May 

  • "Hope for the Holidays" Remembrance Service, November

Upcoming Events

Additional Local Grief Resources


  • Holiday Grief Books:

    • James Miller, How Will I Get Through the Holidays? Twelve Ideas for Those Whose Loved One Has Died

    • Drs. Clarence Tucker and Cliff Davis, Holiday Blues—A Self-Help Manual on Grief Through the Holidays

  • Variety of Grief & Bereavement Groups

    • Baue Grief Services & Center for Hope & Healing Community Center- St. Charles

    • 608 Jefferson St. St. Charles, MO 63301, Phone: 636-328-0878

    • Current schedule of groups: OR call 314-647-3100

      • CALL Group: a social group for widows/widowers.; Call 636-946-9144

      • Holiday Grief Class (November/December): 636-328-0878

      • Pet Loss Support Group: 636-328-0878

      • Surviving Spouses 65+ Group

      • Young Surviving Spouses Group

      • Survivors of Suicide Group: appropriate for adults whose loved one has completed suicide

      • Finding Hope After a Heroin/Opioid Loss: 636-328-0878

Other Resources

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