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Durable Medical Supplies & Equipment

We are partnered with Ergo Midwest, Inc. They supply a wide range of durable medical equipment, which is available to all medicare and hospice patients. 
 Call NHHC now with questions: (573) 237-2878.
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Some medical supplies and
equipment may include:



  • Bariatric Bed Handle

  • Geri-Chair

  • Supplemental Oxygen

  • Ventilators

  • Nebulizers and Compressors

  • And more! 

  • Hospital Bed 

  • Wheelchair

  • Shower Chair 

  • Commode

  • Briefs 

  • Overbed Side Table 

*Some exclusions may apply to types of equipment 

The Medicare Benefit covers the cost of durable medical supplies,
allowing the patient to utilize these resources at
Ergo Midwest has the very latest medical advances in home and facility patient care. They help provide the most advanced, clinically available medical equipment.
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